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wersja polska

Usually, you reach this page after I took a picture for you. We have had a chat, you know which photo you want. Great! Please pick size, paper type and number of copies. Please remember to provide your contact details with the way I can recognise who are you.

HINT: Two medium format and one big format for 49.99PLN of every frame we made together. That gives you opportunity to share those unique photos with your friends and family. Of course since you are here, you can order whatever you like.

Your can choose from paper size and type described below. 

Size Type  
small carton 4.99 PLN
medium plastic
9.99 PLN
medium carton
14.99 PLN
big  plastic 19.99 PLN
big carton 29.99 PLN
very big plastic 49.99 PLN
very big  carton 69.99 PLN


Paper type

  • plastic - quick to print, rinse and dry. more modern technology that makes dark-room printing easier, but... it is still plastic, feels little bit false or artificial, still magic but I'm rather avoiding it, smells factory. 
  • carton - they call it fiber, or paper prints. it's the soul of analog photography. prints like you remember from old days, still smells like old good dark-room, having unmistakable soft touch. usually having more than 40 years old, takes time, love and focus during printing, rinsing and drying. My basic choose 

Sizes (cm)

  • small 6x9, having hundreds of small papers, but those copies are ... small...  good for an unique gift, good to feel analog photography. only carton. 
  • medium 10x15, 9x14, every film frame I did has a medium print. common format for me, 
  • big 18x24, good to have a bigger picture. always few frame from every film goes big. perfect for wall
  • very big 40x50, 50x60, rare. once a few films, there is frame that deserve to be BIG. exhibition formar

Grade - does no matter for you. I will decide if I will go hard or soft, or maybe multigrade and filters.


If we didn't meet and I didn't make you a photo - I can still do it - please contact me for more details.