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Hello I'm TJ. I'm analog photographer. I'm photographing using a film, not a digital pixel. There are 12 (or 36 rarly) frames per film. Not hundreds of images every day. Twelve. Then I'm developing film myself and I'm personally printing those photographs in dark-room.
No digital pixel has been involved in any step of my work. All you will get here is pure chemistry magic with a bit of experience, passion and love. Wondering how does it work? Check it here

Why you here? 

  • You have been photographed by me and I gave you my card. That's great! Contact me to talk about your unique and amazing analog photography prints. Just be patient! Analog photography don't like rush. It needs love and passion, you can't undo things here. 

  • You would like to be photographed and someone gave you my card. That's even better! It would be a honour and pleasure to make you a photo. Contact me and we will arrange it at the day or night that will suit you the best, meanwhile please have a look on my other analogue photographs 

  • Other reason? Don't worry! I love to share my passion, experience and anyone interested in analog photography are welcomed in my atelier. On both side of the lens. Contact me and I will help you to start your amazing and unique analog photography journey, or simply check my guides or my work

 Thanks for visiting me and see you soon!