NFT - analog photography digitalized


Why Analog NFT

Analog mean unique.
Each dark room print is different. It does not exist in digital world, only as physical unique item. Also, t
here is no another same copy of it. Due to analog printing process it is impossible to get the same print again: temperature, time, dust in dark room, light, drying condition, ect, ect... everything maters and causing each individual print is different. There is no two the same physical prints. No way! By design it is impossible. 

Why NFT then?
As the world goes digital, photography goes digital - milions of copies flood the world, but do you have something unique? and you are sure that no one else have it? NFT gives you the right to have it, in digital world - digital representation of the physical unique thing - analog photography.

Each of my NFT is single per single analog print.
Each is a digitalised version of one single physical item. If you own it, no one else own the same. And you have a right to get your physical print. Try! 




Quick guide to "OWN NFT - Get Print" 

If you own NFT from my Analog Photography Collections (for example available on Opensea) you have a right to request to receive true analog photography print from me. 

To request it - find relevant photography in my collections and proceed to “Request for print”. Fill the form, in the comment field, please provide your walletID and data that is available as “Unlockable Content” in NFT. 

What next? I will tell you via email that I will send to the address you have specified in the contact form. 


"OWN NFT - Get Print" Terms & Condition

§1.General Rules

  1. If you own my NFT, you have a right to request analog print from me. 
  2. If you purchased NFT directly from me (walletID 0xBdAca05F8FdCC71D416F26b8eC49fd1Bc4f5e1eF), and your request is accepted, then you will receive it for free (shipping not included). 
  3. If you purchased NFT from someone else than me (walletID other than 0xBdAca05F8FdCC71D416F26b8eC49fd1Bc4f5e1eF), it mean... someone else could get the phisical print already and... and if your request is accepted, you can receive another print that I will do for you, and you need to pay small extra fee that will cover my costs of extra printing it for you (shipping not included). See §2.1

§2. Requesting analog print

  1. Find photography that NFT you own in my collections.
  2. Click "Request for print" for that photo.
  3. Fill the form. In the “comment” field you must provide your walletID (that owns NFT) and data that is available as “Unlockable Content” in NFT. 
  4. Your request can be accepted or denied by me within few working days. You will be informed about the request result via email to the address provided in the form.
  5. I reserves the right to denny your request without providing the reason. 
  6. You should not sell NFT until your request will be accepted or denied, otherwise I will not be able to verify the request and accept it. 
§3. Print costs
  1. If you need to pay a small extra fee, you will be informed what to do via email. In general there are two options - purchase extra NFT directly from me or purchase dedicated item in shop
§4. Shipping 
  1. In a response email you will receive a calculated shipping cost of your print and you will be informed how to pay it via email. In general there are two options - purchase extra NFT directly from me or purchase dedicated item in shop.
  2. Print will be shipped in 3 working days after receiving shipping payment