White Fine Lustre [9x14 cm]- vintage analog photographic papier [TESTED] [RARE]

White Fine Lustre [9x14 cm]- vintage analog photographic papier [TESTED] [RARE]

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Product description

Tested and confirmed working

Vintage analog photographic paper by unknown vendor. Tested and confirmed working by BromideOxides Studio. 

Expiration time is not clear. Box does not have any sign of date. What's more - box does not have any info about grade or manufacturer. Might be very old. Might not. 

Rare finding. Stout carton with unique vintage facture and surface texture. 

Box of vintage photographic paper were collected by me in winter 2020/21 and since then stored in cool and dry place (5-10°C . 55-65% humidity). Paper was tested by me in March 2021, then confirmed working - packed in light-proof box that contains 15 sheets each, and again stored in cool and dry place.

Papers are used by me for everyday work in dark room, so please come back soon for more available tested vintage photographic papers.



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