Argenta, Superbrom RC [18x24 cm]- vintage analog photographic papier [TESTED]

Argenta, Superbrom RC [18x24 cm]- vintage analog photographic papier [TESTED]

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Product description

Tested and confirmed working

Vintage analog photographic paper. Tested and confirmed working by BromideOxides Studio. 

Expired 1985. Expiration date is not always clear. 

RC paper.

Boxes of vintage analog photographic paper were collected by me in autumn/winter 2020/21 and since then stored in cool and dry place (5-10°C . 55-65% humidity). Boxed were opened and tested by me in March 2021, then if confirmed working - packed in light-proof box that contains 30 sheets each, and again stored in cool and dry place.

Analog papers are used by me for everyday work in dark room, so please come back soon for more available tested vintage photographic papers.

Please note, based on my experience, due to long time since vintage photographic papers expiration time, grade does not make much (read: any) difference between Hard, Normal and Special. It shows a little bit difference from Soft to Extra Hard. Please consider it while choosing grade.

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