Guides to analog photography - from vintage camera to dark-room

  • Guide to dark room

    Analog enlarger with mask and timer, three litter boxes, developing tank, some water, red lamp and chemistry. READ MORE for beginning of new magic journey in analog photography. 

    Dark room equipment

     How to get analog dark room equipment? 

    Visit dark room equipment collection

  • Kodak D166 developer, solution for smoky vintage analog photographic papers

    You can do some magic yourself! Wouldn't be satisfying to create your own developer? Plus the one that will help you to work with old smoky vintage photography papers? Ingredients are easy to obtain in chemistry shop and formula is even more easy to follow. READ MORE how to do it and good luck! It works! 

  • What do I needed in dark room?

    For analog printing in dark room, minimum you need to have is Enlarger with cłock  Red light, few clips and string Photographic paper, negative fi...

So you want to be analog photographer? Or are you?

Is it worth to use old expired firms?

Sure it does!

Does forty years old film works? How to expose it? What will be the effect of using it in camera? How to develop it then?

guide to expired films

Surprise in a box - old photo papiers found in granpa basement

You never know what you will get once you found it. The best way is to check it yourself, and this is what I love to do: give old, vintage photographic paper another life

guide to vintage photo papers

Hitchhiker's guide to analog cameras

"What camera I should buy" is the common question asked on all analog groups and forums. What is best camera for new starters?

Simple answer in simple quiz


Building your own dark room.

Develop yourself, lab is bad. Don't scan for Instagram sharing. Don't do half way. Be positive and galatin-print positive on photographic paper. Be yourself by yourself. In your own dark-room. Just a few steps and you there. From film to print.


Those are not a cheap thing

Seeing dolphins during your first ever yacht sail on Adriatic See is priceless. Printing your vintage camera shot, using home made developer and 80 years old paper is not a cheap thing. But still it is not a trickery, but cold calculation based on facts


One more box to make it fit

Blah blah blah but there is a word to say about philosophy behind analog photography. RGB pixel has changed photography and made it common and available. Great! Analog is still a magic trick that need respect, so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride